FORCE Drawing Books

Watch the videos below to see the books that changed they way artists draw today. Around the world, translated in numerous languages, FORCE drawing has inspired thousands of artists from the hobbyist to the entertainment professional.

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FORCE: Dynamic Life Drawing

The 10th Anniversary Edition has a companion App on iOS and Android called "FORCE Dynamic." It allows you to launch and watch 30 videos in the book! Four color printing helps me further present the FORCE theory on many new drawings.


FORCE: Human Anatomy

The thickest of the FORCE books at over 315 pages, the most organized anatomy book on the market teaches you to see how the human body works, with dynamic, four color illustrations


FORCE: Animal Drawing

This book takes you through a structured approach to learning the different types of locomotive mammal types all through the FORCE Animal Shape.


FORCE: Character Design from Life Drawing

This books takes your understanding of FORCE to the next level. Learn how to push design with all of the FORCE tools, presented to you with Michael's work and designers from the feature/television animation, video game industries such as John Nevarez, Teddy Newton and Stephen Silver.